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About Me

Outside of my regular day job, my passion is travelling, planning holidays, talking about trips and helping my friends have the best holiday.

I look for value in terms of time and money. I want to make the most of my annual leave and get the most out of every dollar. I believe in travelling the world for  meaningful experiences. Finding quality over quantity. Collecting memories not material possessions.

I grew up pouring over atlases and spinning model globes.

I read and dreamt about travelling the world and spent my spare time learning languages.

Now as I work full time, I am enjoying a combination of weekends away in Australia and New Zealand with a few overseas trips each year.

Once I was old enough to start exploring the world independently, I spent time in New Caledonia, China, France and Thailand. I then moved on to more stereotypical “travel” in South-East Asia, Europe, the US.



Of all the things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding – Bill Bryson

Recent Posts

12-day itinerary for Northern Spain

Northern Spain Roadtrip – Barcelona to Madrid via the Pyrenees. Driving directly, Barcelona to Madrid will only take you around 6 hours. But where is the fun in driving down major highways and missing out on everything Spain has to offer. If you have a week and a half...

Why you should ski in Andermatt, Switzerland

When we were living in the UK we had a week for a skiing holiday in mid-December but couldn't decide where to go. The trick to skiing holidays in December is finding resorts with a sufficient, almost-guaranteed snow base. There are a few early season gems in Europe,...

Beautiful places to stay in Portugal

Want to maximise your value for money while travelling Europe? Portugal could be the place to splurge. While we travelled Portugal on a budget (walking the Camino), we did have the odd splurge. I paid close attention to all the incredible luxury accomodation options,...

Two weeks in Thailand: Honeymoon Itinerary

This was based on advice I gave to some American friends who were going to Thailand for 2 weeks for their honeymoon. They had never been to South-East Asia let alone Thailand before, they were also looking for a relaxing trip with a bit of culture and lots of food....