1. Barcelona – architecturally interesting, fabulous food scene and a cleverly laid out exciting city (2 days minimum)
  2. Ronda – a fairytale beauty, literary jewel of a town, which has to be seen to be believed (day trip or stay longer for a leisurely relaxed trip)
  3. Granada – beautiful southern gem tucked into the mountains, with flamenco dancing, cave houses and historic palaces (1-2 days)
  4. Cordoba – historic and charming city, the Mezquita being the most fascinating architectural proof of the Moorish history of Spain (day trip)
  5. Seville – big southern city in Spain, the epitome of Andalucia (2 days minimum)
  6. Bilbao – a quirky Basque city (day trip)
  7. San Sebastian – beachside culinary haven (2 days)
  8. Santiago de Compostela – the end of the Camino pilgrimage but an incredible little city in itself wiht charming little restaurants and cafes and a great launching pad for Galicia (2 days)
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