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One question people often ask is “why?”

The current meaning and purpose of the Camino is up to personal interpretation. This is an important lesson we learned while researching in the few days we had leading up to our trip, and was consolidated during and after our Camino. Some would say that the general purpose has been modernised to fit the contemporary person. During our journey, we met many people who offered their reasons for completing the Camino, here are a few:

  • To follow the footsteps of the pilgrims before them for religious purposes;
  • To participate in a religious adventure offered by church communities around Europe;
  • To escape from their busy lives and find time to relax;
  • To disconnect from social media or phone contact for several days or weeks;
  • To challenge their fitness ability or to lose weight in a new environment;
  • To enjoy a cost-effective holiday somewhere new;
  • To spend time together as a family;
  • To prove something to themselves; and
  • To meet new people on a journey of like-minded people.

For many people, this is an unfiltered adventure without distraction that strengthens relationships between friends and family. The task is simple:

Walk.  Eat.  Sleep. Repeat.

The Camino is the perfect blank canvas for people to come together and actively participate in an enriching experience and engage in conversation. It was heart-warming to see families on the Camino, with children from the age of three or four completing the walk and certainly keeping up with their parents. The inquisitive kids were always excited to learn about each new town, other pilgrims, flora, fauna, languages, currencies, religion and being independent.

Here is a video of our experience.

Camino Portugues – April 2017 from Karl Vaitiekunas on Vimeo.

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