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About Me

Outside of my regular day job, my passion is travelling, planning holidays, talking about trips and helping my friends have the best holiday.

I look for value in terms of time and money. I want to make the most of my annual leave and get the most out of every dollar. I believe in travelling the world for  meaningful experiences. Finding quality over quantity. Collecting memories not material possessions.

I grew up pouring over atlases and spinning model globes.

I read and dreamt about travelling the world and spent my spare time learning languages.

Now as I work full time, I am enjoying a combination of weekends away in Australia and New Zealand with a few overseas trips each year.

Once I was old enough to start exploring the world independently, I spent time in New Caledonia, China, France and Thailand. I then moved on to more stereotypical “travel” in South-East Asia, Europe, the US.



Of all the things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding – Bill Bryson

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